Directed assembly of biomaterials and functional nanomaterials within ordered fluids


The research in Gharbi's Lab focuses on the design of devices based on the directed assembly of functional nanomaterials and biomaterials within complex fluids. In particular, we are interested in building a research group to develop new procedures for making hybrid materials with tunable functionalities. The goal of our research is to discover new mechanisms to create self-assembled structures that can be used in technological applications including bio-inspired micromachines, microlens arrays, biochemical sensors and self-assembled microrobots. These systems have unique and as yet untapped potential for reconfigurable advanced materials and bioinspired applications.

Assembly of biomaterials within complex fluids: Towards a new generation of bio-inspired devices

“Superatoms”: A novel approach for fabricating 3D microlasers and soft photonic crystals

Liquid crystal lenses: Growing tunable lenses on curved interfaces as an artificial compound eye system

Directed assembly of nanomaterials within ordered fluids for energy application