General News 2018  


Summer 2018:


- Undergraduate students Elizabeth George and Erik Drybread joined the lab to work on the assembly of biomaterials. Welcome!


June 2nd, 2018:

- Dr. Gharbi is invited to participate in the Symposium in Honor of Prof. Mark Sutton at McGill University (Canada). He will talk about the ability of forces in soft matter to direct the assembly of functional nanomaterials. 


April 12th, 2018:

- Dr. Gharbi presented his research activities in the Department of Physics at UMass Boston. His talk focused on the "Assembly of Biomaterials in Ordered Fluids."


March 27th, 2018:

- Dr. Gharbi is invited by the Society of Physics Students to present his research activities in his Lab.  

Title of the talk: "Imperfections in Soft Matter: A New Tollkit to Direct Assembly of Advanced Materials."


January 2018:

- Godsgift Omere joined the Lab to work on "Big Data Fundamentals". Welcome!

- Dr. Gharbi officially joined the Department of Physics at UMass Boston as an Assistant Professor of Physics. 




 January 2018: 

- Our recent work "Elastocapillary driven assembly of particles at free-standing smectic-A films" is accepted for publication in LangmuirJanuary 2018.