General News 2017  


Dr. Gharbi is organizing the “Sound Bites” Session at the 72nd New England Complex Fluids Workshop, on 22 September 2017. Brandeis University. 


- Dr. Gharbi is giving a talk at the Mount Holyoke College. Event: Soft Matter Day, 21 July 2017. 


- Dr. Gharbi is invited to give a talk at Harvard seminar series “Squishy Physics”: June 2017. 


Upcoming Seminars, February 2017:

- M.A. Gharbi. “Exploring imperfections in soft matter to direct assembly of biomaterials and functional nanomaterials”. Department of Physics, University of Texas El Paso. El Paso, USA. February 16, 2017.


- M.A. Gharbi. “Imperfections in soft matter: A new toolkit to direct assembly of advanced materials”. Department of Physics, Clark University. Worcester, USA. February 08, 2017.